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--- HMRC Endurance Anglesey '09
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East Coast
Team 1: Trackcraft Team 2: Sweatshop Team 10: East Coast
Ducks Cross
AMR Endurance
Well Oiled Racing
Team 21: Ducks Cross Team 22: AMR Endurance Team 31: Well Oiled Racing
First Form Endurance
Kapital Moto
APEX Racing
Team 36: First Form Endurance Team 55: Kapital Moto Team 57: APEX Racing
TM72 Racing
GASI Racing
Pit Stop Racing
Team 72: TM72 Racing Team 73: GASI Racing Team 85: Pit Stop Racing
Beef Hooked Racing
Project Nine Three
ETA Racing
Team 89: Beef Hooked Racing Team 93: Project Nine Three Team 111: ETA Racing
Extreme Bykesportz
120+ Racing
Freaks Of Nature Too
Team 115: Extreme Bykesportz Team 120: 120+ Racing Team 126: Freaks Of Nature Too
Costello Redmond Racing
MotoGrande - Race 3
Team 400: Costello Redmond Racing Team 711: ProFibre MotoGrande Race 3
Supermono - Race 2
  Supermono Race 2  

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